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Custom designed concrete pools are superior in quality because they are structurally sound and immovable. As a permanent fixture, it increases the value of the property. Each feature is completely customized with minimal maintenance compared to fiberglass and and steel with liner pools. Concrete pools typically have to be resurfaced every 15-20 years do to climate, harsh chemicals, and wear. Concrete pools are best investment and offer the best value long term.


Fiberglass pool benefits include maintenance and price point. Most pools are resurfaced every 15 years, however, a fiberglass pool never has to be resurfaced. Most fiberglass pool remodels are the result of climate change, shifting terrain, and hydro-static pressure. While the initial low inset price can be very attractive, shifting terrain and hydro-static pressure can significantly impact the longevity of the pool and become a long term financial burden. Lastly, fiberglass pools are pre-made in the factory, the customer is locked into a handful of designs.

Steel and Liner

An inground pool made with steel with liner has steel panels that are the side walls that form the shell and attachment point for the liners. While they provide a cost effective entry point for home owners, they are limited on design yet have less design restrictions than a fiberglass pool. Maintenance considerations include liners can be more easily damaged than any other pool surface and must be replaced approximately every five years in order to be well maintained.