COVID-19 caught us by surprise, but we were not unprepared. While we had known about it from watching the daily news, the first real signs of panic around us in Nashville TN were in the grocery stores. To be honest, we were amused by the toilet paper roll hoarding. One Sunday, we spent the entire day going store to store to find household essentials like eggs, toilet paper, and rubbing alcohol. Eight stores later we still couldn’t find the things we use everyday and take for granted. It didn’t really make sense. Actually, it seemed like an extreme overreaction to the news reports which were announcing coronavirus symptoms as a fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. The next awakening we had came when our friends who owned small businesses in gyms, restaurants, and esthetician services were forced to close their doors to the general public. We were crushed for them. How could a virus with seemingly mild symptoms disrupt their lives so easily? How was the United States caught so unprepared for this type of economic disaster? What would happen to them? Then, the conversation in the pool industry turned to COVID-19.

Can the COVID-19 virus spread through the use of pools and hot tubs? As of today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] report that,There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.” This is great news if you are enjoying a swimming pool and hot tub at home. The important thing to remember is that the coronavirus is novel, fluid, and dynamic. The best way to keep updated on new discoveries related to the coronavirus and swimming pools is to frequently check in with the CDC, as well as your pool professional. And remember, social distancing is key to keeping your home and family safe from potential transmission. We love creating entertainment hot spots for family and friends, but until the coronavirus is under control please refrain from social gatherings at your home. 

Should I continue servicing my swimming pool? Per the CDC, a swimming pool is only safe if it is properly maintained. Foregoing routine pool maintenance can lead to chemical imbalances in the water causing harm to both your pool surface and equipment. Additionally, improperly treated pool water can develop pathogens such as Pseudomonas, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, and Shigella. Improper water circulation and water treatment can also create a breeding ground for pests, such as mosquitoes, that carry and transmit diseases. These are scary times for Tennessean families. If you have concerns about allowing your pool professional to service your swimming pool, call them up and talk to them. Many pool companies have improved their customer service practices to include:

  • Virtual Communications
  • Arrival and departure notifications via text/email
  • Disinfecting gates and other surfaces 
  • Requests to remove pets and family members from outside during service appointment times

Should I continue building/remodeling my swimming pool? The short answer is yes. Homeland Security has endorsed the pool industry as Essential. However, it is up to state and local governments to determine their response to COVID-19. As of today, Tennessee Executive Order 22 lists construction as Essential under Critical Trades (Section 14, Page 10). Moving forward with completion of an active project is critical since unfinished projects pose threats to the safety of both your family and neighbors. Problems can occur such as cave ins and pool popping. The weather and other natural elements can also cause damage to job site materials. If you have concerns about your pool project and its completion, reach out to your licensed general contractor for the best solutions for your health and home improvement goals.

Am I still able to build a new swimming pool? Tennessee Custom Pools is open and available to help you with your home improvement goals. Swimming pools come with many health benefits including low impact exercise, home entertainment, relaxation and production of theta brain waves. A well-built, well-maintained swimming pool can also add value to your home. Industry leaders in both construction and the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance are working hard to lobby government officials to keep us Essential. Join us in our online petition to Tennessee Governor Bill Lee. Local governments are shifting their services to online platforms allowing for the continuation of permit applications and inspection services. Suppliers are offering onsite delivery and/or remaining open to contractors if they can implement safe social distancing practices. Lastly, many pool companies have improved their work policies to ensure both their clients and crews stay safe and healthy while on the job.

Tennessee Custom Pools COVID-19 Response. As long as the state of Tennessee and our local municipalities will allow it, we will continue moving our projects forward to completion. We will also continue helping new clients take steps toward their dream home. We have helped numerous clients build swimming pools before they relocate to the Nashville Metropolitan Area. While it wasn’t our intention to socially distance ourselves during those real estate transactions, we had systems in place to communicate with those clients virtually and helped them work through each stage of the process from afar. 

Here are some of the systems we had in place to respond to the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Virtual Design Consultations
  • Virtual Financial Planning 
  • Virtual Financial Lending 
  • Scanned plans for HOA and City Permits
  • Online permit applications (when applicable)
  • A dedicated project manager assigned to communicate with both the family and crews
  • All site visits are conducted outside the home with text/email notifications
  • Inspections organized by the project manager
  • Client communication options included phone and online meeting platforms
  • Weekly project updates delivered via email
  • Materials delivered on the job site 
  • Samples delivered directly to the homeowners 
  • Crews are rotated for maximum efficiency
  • Crew members who are sick or injured are required to stay home 
  • Online payments

Our motto is, “Play at Home!” We believe the best way to invest in your home and everyday happiness is with a beautiful outdoor living space for you and your family. Staying home is critical as we work together as a country to socially distance during the coronavirus pandemic. Let us help you discover new ways to enjoy your home outdoors. A screened-in patio is the perfect place to enjoy a productive home office year-round, and there’s no better way to keep the kiddos healthy and active than with a swimming pool. When you’re ready to dive into designing and building your dream backyard, we’ll be here to serve your family virtually and safely at Tennessee Custom Pools.


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