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At the core of every business is a mission statement supported by the people who work there. This mission statement addresses the company’s values and the needs it wishes to fulfill in the community. As small business owners, we are directly connected to the pulse of the heartbeat of everyone around us. When something happens within our community, whether it be a natural disaster, pandemic or political injustice, we are deeply affected. We maintain transparency of our projects and values on social media and through blogs. 

Therefore, it is critical at this juncture to talk about Black Lives Matter. We had to pause and absorb the events before articulating our feelings. It has been truly devastating to watch the news. It has been even more horrifying to watch the murder of George Floyd, and to learn about other cases where policy brutality has resulted in the unjust death of so many others before him. There have been moments where we have been shocked by the response from both local and federal government ping ponging between feelings of outrage and fear. It has been an emotional time for us, for Tennesseans, for our country. While we can never fully identify with the years of oppression endured by the black community, we have experienced an uncomfortable taste during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. When George Floyd tells them, “I can’t breathe,” we felt that statement in our souls. We are incredibly grateful for the Black Lives Matter movement for championing social change. Because some of the solutions only place a bandaid on a broken system, we are open to the radical solutions being put forward to local governments. We believe that policy reform and voting are the ways change is affected.

As we listen, learn, and understand the important mission of Black Lives Matter, we want to remind everyone that injustice touches lives across multiple communities. As we identify ways to shape the world into a more perfect place, we encourage everyone to the realization that we are all in this together. We cannot cherry pick the injustices we are working to solve. As we make changes, let’s find the common source of these injustices and revolutionize the system. We hope that we can come together as a country and realize that we are all trying to create a world where everyone can live in peace and enjoy life with their loved ones. As Christian business owners, we do not believe we are meant to be the judge and jury over other people’s lives, only that we are here to spread a gospel of love and worship God in all that we do. Peace begins within us and radiates outwards.

Thank you for standing with us through these hard times. We support the equal rights movements including Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ community. We are actively educating ourselves on local policies, local government, and political candidates. We are working within our community to support others through volunteer activism. We look forward to social change at the forefront of a “new normal.” 

Make your voice heard. Whisper it in conversations with loved ones, in social clubs, social media, and within safe protests. Roar in town halls, emails and phone calls to your representatives. Most importantly…Remember to Vote!