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Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home. Outside of work, many of us spend the majority of our time in our home environment. Whether you are moving into your dream home that you have designed and built, a fresh suburban neighborhood, or looking to remodel an existing property, we believe that your outdoor living space should reflect you as much as your interior design. Each of us has a unique interaction with our home, and oftentimes we don’t consider every aspect of our living situation until inconveniences creep up. Here are some helpful ways to consider the functionality and beauty of your outdoor living space:

How does your environment align with your basic needs? 

Are you able to enjoy your outdoor living space during all weather including rain, snow, or high heat?

Is your driveway easy to navigate in all weather including rain, sleet, and snow?

Are there cracks and gaps in your street or driveway that are wearing out your vehicle and/or tires? 

Do you live on an especially dark street where walking around at night requires lighting for safety? 

Are your porch steps too high or narrow? Can you navigate them safely now? Can you navigate them safely if you are injured?

Do you love to sit outside, but find that the summer critters or direct sunlight makes it hard to enjoy?

How close are your neighbors or a main street? Does their proximity affect your personal enjoyment of your outdoor space?

Do your pets have a safe place to roam and rest for long periods outdoors?

Does your current landscaping require lots of maintenance due to shedding, pests, or high bills?

Is your hardscape in disrepair and is it a safety hazard for you or your family?

Can your children or grandchildren play safely in the yard for extended periods of time?

These are a few ways to consider the functionality of your space and help you maximize the square footage of your property. The good news is that we can completely transform your space. We are proficient in our knowledge of how to enhance the value and beauty of your home, saving you both time and money. 

Outdoor living spaces range from simple pergolas, to extended patios, and fully equipped outdoor kitchens. Lastly, landscaping can have a tremendous impact on your privacy and personal enjoyment of your property. Tennessee Custom Pools has an on staff horticulturist that can help design your living space to provide you with native, year-round blooms and low maintenance plants that are also safe for your furry family members. See our individual outdoor living space tabs for more details on patios, hot tubs, and outdoor kitchens. Ready to schedule? Click on the link and a member of our design team will reach out and provide you with a free consultation.