Nashville, TN is growing. Our skyline has erupted with massive cranes building numerous job opportunities. Major industries have shifted their corporate headquarters to our downtown including AllianceBerstein, Amazon, and ICEE. New housing and existing home renovations are on the rise. Families are relocating from major metropolitan areas including New York, Texas, Illinois, and California. The emerging new home developments have provided relocating families with the opportunity to customize their outdoor living space. Tennessee Custom Pools helps new homeowners maximize the enjoyment of their total lot purchase by creating beautiful outdoor patios, kitchens, and swimming pools, and ties it all together with landscaping. When your client wants a swimming pool, here are the ways that you can help educate them on their home improvement project.

Should I purchase a home with a swimming pool? Not without a swimming pool inspection. Tennessee Custom Pools provides NSPF Certified Real Estate Swimming Pool Inspections. A thorough pool inspection will evaluate the swimming pool and surrounding structures and provide recommendations based on current safety codes. Oftentimes, new homeowners will close on a real estate transaction before examining the condition of the pool only to find that it requires costly maintenance repairs. When helping a buyer purchase a home with a pre-existing pool, suggest a contingency based on a real estate pool inspection and ask thorough questions including:

  • Who built the pool?
  • What type of pool is it?
  • When was the pool built?
  • Is the pool permitted?
  • Has the pool had any major repairs?
  • How is the pool winterized?
  • Is the pool professionally serviced? If so, by whom?

Is their room in my backyard for a swimming pool? This is an excellent question and the best place to start is by helping your client obtain an official survey plat. The survey plat is a property map that accurately defines the boundary lines, zoning jurisdiction and classifications, easements, and rights between properties. It may also depict a lot of details including elevation and topography. The survey plat is often obtained from the building inspector or land records office. It may also be included in the file for the title company that will oversee the title transfer during the closing of the sale. A survey plat is required for design and permits for both the Homeowners Association and city. The survey plat will help the Nashville pool builder determine boundary lines, which will affect the overall size, shape, and design of the outdoor living space. If your client would like a survey plat, but no current plat exists for the property, Tennessee Custom Pools can help. See our Schedule a Design Consultation page for more information.

Is their room in my budget for a swimming pool? Real Estate market prices are affected by supply and demand. In growing metropolitan areas like Nashville, TN property values are skyrocketing. Between October and November 2018, Nashville homes appreciated by 8.9% and those values sustained up through the end of the year. Pre-approved home buyers that are interested in adding a swimming pool should be aware that the same factors that affect the increase in home prices also affect outdoor design. Labor shortages combined with rising costs in fundamental materials such as steel and lumber, location of material suppliers, and terrain are just some of the factors that can influence the price of a swimming pool. If your home buyer is serious about additional home improvements, they should be prepared to spend a minimum of $60k for a quality built pool. The real super star in helping a homeowner achieve their dream home is the agent who marries their client’s home improvement goals with their overall buyer’s budget. 

Should I finance a swimming pool? To help answer this question, we turned to a local Franklin, TN Financial Advisor, Kevin Prendiville of Financial Transitions. Financial Transitions educates clients on the whole story about how to have the freedom to control and access their wealth so they can save more and give more, for a better life. “So, when considering financing a custom pool, know that it is actually cheaper to pay it back in installments than all at once.” Read the  full article here to dive further into personal finance and home improvement. 

If I build a swimming pool, what is my ROI? It is true, not all swimming pools are created equal nor does everyone want a swimming pool. The decisions a homeowner makes today can affect the sale of their home tomorrow. If your client is committed to nesting into a permanent residence, creating an outdoor living space is going to bring years of enjoyment with family and friends. “If you build it, they will come.” [Field of Dreams, 1989] Daily life is stressful, but Nashville provides homeowners with some gorgeous weather. Backyard grill outs, relaxing swims, and curling up under the cabana or by a fire pit are just some of the ways to create a daily vacation in your very own home. The best way to save more and experience an immediate return on investment is to Play at Home! An inviting outdoor space with multiple gathering points is an excellent place to spend a weekend night, throw a party, or have a cost effective celebration. Your home is where the majority of your memories are made. Tennessee Custom Pools can transform an outdoor space into an area that your client will love to use 365 days a year, in all weather.

A well-built, well-maintained swimming pool can have an average ROI of 39%. This combined with the rising costs of materials and property values are good indicators that if your client adds a swimming pool in their backyard today, they can expect not only to recoup the costs; but also potentially gain a profit in the sale. Remember, it all depends on how the swimming pool is built and maintained.

What kind of swimming pool should I add? This is a very personal question that is tailored to your client’s specific home, lifestyle, and budget. Each Nashville pool builder will have their best reasons for building either a concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass swimming pool. Tennessee Custom Pools will only build, design, and remodel concrete (aka gunite or shotcrete) pools. We believe in building long-lasting, low-maintenance swimming pools tailored to the homeowner’s lifestyle. Our custom pools can be built in any size or shape. We use only premium products with excellent manufacturer warranties. Our pool equipment is designed to conserve energy, while being easy to use and manageable from multiple electronic devices. In our experience performing real estate pool inspections and consulting on home remodel projects, both fiberglass and vinyl liner pools are subject to multiple, expensive problems resulting from exposure to sunlight, shifting terrain, and hydrostatic pressure. While these types of pools offer a lower price point for installation, the required maintenance and renovations can amount to considerably more than a concrete swimming pool over time. In the past we have experienced phone calls from prospective clients who have replaced a vinyl liner three times within less than 20 years. On average a concrete swimming pool will require resurfacing every 15-20 years depending on the product, chemical composition of the water, and maintenance of the pool. Our clients can rest assured that when we build an outdoor living project, we are giving them our best recommendations for years of happiness. We want them to love where they live!

What kind of hidden costs are involved in swimming pools? A well-built pool should provide around 10-15 years of enjoyment before any major maintenance projects are required. Other important considerations in purchasing a pool are associated warranties. Nashville experiences a lot “seasons,” and with the lush green landscape comes weather. Your home buyer will benefit from asking their pool contractor about shell and equipment warranties.

Energy efficiency is also an important consideration in adding a swimming pool. Helping your client select a pool builder who incorporates energy-efficient lighting and equipment will further increase their enjoyment of their home purchase. Tennessee Custom Pools is a certified Jandy Dealer and is committed to providing energy efficiency via both equipment and LED lighting. Ask us about some of our other amazing energy efficient products including solar decking and ElementGlo

Professional pool cleaning and winterizing a swimming pool are two important conversations to have with your local pool builder. Like all the nice things in life, swimming pools require a little bit of maintenance for maximum enjoyment. A professional pool cleaner can help check and balance pool chemicals further preserving the longevity of the shell, equipment, and safety of the water. A knowledgeable Nashville pool builder will be able to advise you on weather management techniques for preserving your swimming pool and budget.

Lastly, your home buyer should make sure to connect with their home insurance agent. Swimming pool insurance variables include water slides and diving boards. We believe the best way to share information is directly from the source, so we reached out to local Franklin, TN Elite Insurance Solutions Agent, Brian Carden, for more information. See the full article Homeowner’s Insurance & Swimming Pools here. If your client is newly nesting in Nashville, we recommend connecting with Elite Insurance Solutions directly for specific questions on Tennessee Insurance Policies.

Tennessee Custom Pools specializes in the design, build, and remodel of gunite swimming pools, outdoor living spaces, and landscape design + installation. TN License #74434