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There are several options available for swimming pools. While we consider each client’s needs, wants, and budget we are committed to delivering quality pools that are both built to last and easy to maintain. There are numerous reasons for why we strongly advise our clients to choose a concrete pool including:

 Ability to Customize Shape -> Surface

Structurally Sound & Immovable


Resurfacing Every 15-20 Years

In addition to designing and building brand new pools, Tennessee Custom Pools has a pool rescue division. A great majority of the pools that we rescue and remodel are fiberglass or steel with liner. Shifting terrain and hydrostatic pressure can affect the longevity of fiberglass/steel with liner pools and become a long term financial burden. Our designers are skilled in reviewing your home’s survey platt and helping to advise you on your project both with short term budget & design and long term maintenance goals.  We blend 25+ years experience with industry technology to create the pool of your dreams.


Each project has unique considerations when it comes to determining time and cost. Variables range from soil/rock components of the yard to complexity of the design. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to schedule a design consultation. Our designer will come out to your home, review the survey platt and your design choices, and physically paint ideas in the yard to provide you with a visual of your project. Our design consultation is complimentary. We can’t wait to meet you!