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Your survey plat is going to be key in both the design of your outdoor living space and obtaining permits. It is a property map that accurately defines the boundary lines, zoning jurisdiction and classifications, easements and rights of way between properties, and may depict a lot of detail including elevation and topography. Most homeowners are able to obtain a copy of their Boundary Survey from the building inspector or land records office. A Boundary Survey is often kept on file with the title company that oversaw the title transfer during the closing of the sale. Another option is to inquire with your mortgage lender if they still hold the title to the home. If you are need of a surveyor, reach out to us on our Schedule a Design Consultation page. Nashville is thriving, so be aware that it may take up to four weeks for a surveyor to make a site visit. If you are ready to get started on your outdoor living project, the time to start looking for the survey plat is now!

 Gather images of your dream pool.

The best pools combine functionality with aesthetics.

 Will you be entertaining in your pool or training for a meet? What shapes do you like? 

The most critical decisions to make when considering outdoor design are function and how does it flow with the structure of the house. It’s easy to fall in love with something beautiful yet highly impractical for your lifestyle and home investment. A free form pool with amazing rock waterfalls can become a maintenance nightmare down the road. A diving board can raise home insurance rates. Outdated decking materials like flagstone can turn into a tripping hazard, and chip away until they are an eyesore. There are lots of detailed questions to ask yourselves and your pool builder when working through the design phase. It’s a natural part of the process to spend several weeks tweaking the design to fit your family’s use and budget. Remember, there’s no substitution for high quality products. Concrete pools with a premium surface are long lasting, quality equipment has great warranties, natural stone decking is durable, and your landscaping can accent your home beautifully or work you to tears.


Our designer will go over your pool wants, needs, and ideas. He/She will meet with you on site to review your site survey and  guide you through your design. He/She will review the site survey including boundaries, easements, measurements, images of your dream pool, and the pool’s use. He/She will discuss custom pool material options and your budget. 

Visit 2

During this visit, we encourage you to bring your initial design of choice to the meeting to discuss layout and plan of action. Our designer will go over the ideas and provide a pencil sketch on a 2 scale survey platt of your backyard to decide on positioning, size, and layout of the pool.

Visit 3

During this visit, our designer will physically paint ideas in the yard to begin to provide a visual of your project. We offer 3D renderings as an additional service. Our designer will review final design and agreements to move forward with the building of your dream pool.

Visit 4

The project commences. New Clients click the key and join us on our client page for permits + stages of pool building.